Privacy Policy places greater emphasis on their user’s privacy and makes sure their data remains safe and sound using plenty of advanced solutions. This privacy policy explains all the information, which is collected by the website in detail and it’s used by us.

We go to great lengths when it comes to ensuring no information is disclosed or divulged by employees, third parties, or other staff. That’s because we consider any such breach as an infringement of our reliability and reputation in the industry. Nevertheless, we will be given the go-ahead to share information once we have obtained written permission from the client. It will be constrained to only what is basically required.

Our diverse security levels are not only limited to our employees. They are, however, extended so our vendors and service providers can comply with and respect them. Also, we make sure all these parties remain in compliance all the time. All our employees, vendors, and service providers are stringently required to abide by our privacy policy.

The information collected on all the users of this website consists of vital details, such as their full name, email address, phone number, company name, designation, and country. The website and its intermediaries use this information for the reasons mentioned below:

  • Get in touch with the user to get their inquiries
  • Ensure that the order is processed properly
  • Take action to the user queries effectively
  • Consistently monitor previous purchases, payments, and inquiries
  • Update personal information upon the client’s request
  • Follow the land’s rules and regulations where the business is conducted
  • Verify payment information
  • Provide unparalleled customer service

  • At, we are committed to providing services of the highest standards. We don’t think twice about going the extra mile to protect our valued client’s personal information, as we are concerned about and have high regard for the privacy rights of all our clients.

    As a valued client, you can get your personal information updated on our website from time to time. We will rather be pleased to inform you with respect to new and effective products and other offerings, whenever the opportunity takes place. We conform to the laws and regulations of the land where our business is conducted. Under such conditions that seem appropriate or required by law, we may be required to divulge data of our clients or even their personal information without giving prior notice.

    Information Sharing

    We avoid sharing or selling any information of our esteemed clients to the third party. We don’t even use it for marketing purpose. At, we use the information only for our business purpose as well as providing extra services concerning our customer purchases.

    Policy Change

    The company has the right to change the privacy policy as per their convenience. We ensure that our clients are informed about the changes made to the policy by contacting them via an email on their email address registered with us. If the client uses the website, it will imply that they agree with the amended policy.