Refund Policy requests you to read all available information about any market research report meticulously before placing an order. We offer market reports usually in electronic format, which can be transferred to other websites without hassles. Consequently, we stringently follow a “No Refund” policy. Although the research reports are in electronic format, you can access them right away after download or delivery. However, we do not accept product return after they have been dispatched from our end.

All purchases from our site are irreversible. If you (as a user) have any doubt or concern regarding any transaction, you should get in touch with us before deciding on the purchase on the final checkout screen. If you feel an error has occurred while making a transaction, then you should immediately get in touch with our customer service to resolve the issue.

At, it is entirely at our discretion whether or not to offer a refund (under special conditions). It could be due to queries posed by the client about not being effectively or adequately resolved by the concerned person or allotted with the project. However, we maintain a refund policy in occurrences of multiple payments but there are certain conditions that come into effect. These conditions can be discussed at the time of placing the order for a market research report.