Terms and Conditions

Marketstream.biz is against making depictions or guarantees about the precision, aptness, or comprehensiveness for any purpose of the information, which is included in the documents and other concerning graphics published on the website. We are entitled to making required modifications or improvements in the product specification and/or pricing without notifying our clients. Any website on the Internet may consist of technical errors or typographical mistakes.

However, we cannot give assurance about the security of information being transmitted over the Internet to our clients. We shall not bear any losses (in whole or in part) incurred or sustained due to information transmitted by users via an e-mail or any other Internet link. They shall be borne solely and exclusively by users. In no event, marketstream.biz and/or respective suppliers shall be held accountable for any special, indirect, or resulting damages occurring as a result of any action or occurring out of or in any connection with the use of information or its performance acquired or products promoted in the website.

The Terms and Conditions are subject to change and any such changes or alterations are made at our lone discretion. We kindly request you (as a user) to go through these terms and conditions cautiously before going ahead with any transaction on our site


All content incorporated on the marketstream.biz website, like text, logos, graphics, audio and video clips, images, icons, software, etc. are in the sole ownership of marketstream.biz or its suppliers. All of these crucial elements are protected by international copyright laws. In the same way, all content and any software used on our site are safeguarded by international copyright laws and are the property of marketstream.biz or its suppliers.

When you enter the website, you give your consent that you will not copy, resell, replicate, mistreat, or distribute any portion or content of our website. Also, you may not be entitled to obtain and use any data mining tools, bots, or any other corresponding tools used to extract crucial data or information without seeking prior consent in a written from marketstream.biz.


Any user, who places an order for a product or service on our website, they are obliged to pay for the order then and there itself. After the user made the full payment successfully, only then the further processing and dispatch of the order will take place. We stringently follow a “No Return” policy, which we have explained in our “Refund Policy” on the website. Under no circumstances will we be held responsible for failure or any possible delays to carry out a contract on our part.

License and Site Access

Marketstream.biz grants you a restricted varying license so you can create a link to the site. Under no conditions will you represent a negative or deceptive image of marketstream.biz, its products, and its partners. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use any content or part of the site including trademarks, logos, audio or video files, or graphics. If you’re looking to use, seeking prior written consent from us is of paramount importance.

Kindly note that the license does not provide you with the right of commercial use, resale, or distribution of any content published on the website. Moreover, you cannot use any tool to extract data, bots, or other means to dig out indispensable information or accumulate or use descriptions, price listings, and plagiaristic use of the site.

We have the right to cancel the license of any user to use the website or even any of its products if we find them violating the terms and conditions of marketstream.biz.


Any product delivery made electronically allows us to dispatch our products to anywhere in the world. If any user wants a hard copy of their orders, they can use our courier services. In such a case, users may have to bear an extra charge of up to $100.

Delivery Time

Once the user orders their chosen product or service on our website and makes the payment, our team will not only process but dispatch the order as quickly as possible. Electronic delivery of a product must be finished within 24-48 hours of the order after it’s accepted and paid for.

Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Marketstream.biz sells products or offers services on behalf of publishers. However, it does not make any claim whether or not products are error-free or deemed fit for any specific purpose. We deny all other warranties (whether expressed or implied). We shall not be liable to any customer or to any person for the outcomes of any decision or taken in confidence on data publication.

Any exchange of ideas between marketstream.biz and customers with regard to any specific requirement will remain confidential and shall not be divulged.

Order/Refund Policy

We follow a stringent “No Return” policy due to the transferable nature of the product sold by marketstream.biz. We don’t entertain any returns of the product after it has been dispatched from our end. Kindly refer to our Refund Policy for more information.